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Ricochet is dance theatre that celebrates the insightfulness and kindness of young people in 2022 – and more than that, how resilient they’ve become in a world that’s thrown them a lot of curve balls. The connection between the dancers, the tangible lighting design, sound creation, choreography and storytelling makes this powerful, playful and peaceful work an experience to remember.


Funny, sad but mostly brave. 

"Sarah Calver" - 


“I was transported into an innovative and creative production that celebrated a host of colorful characters that gather at a basketball game. And then like a rollercoaster I was witnessing the damage harsh words can cause as they richochet, influence and destroy individuals/collectives sense of being. The insensibility and lack of empathy shown by the instigator Hermoine - a complex character- illustrates the devastating reality that exists within our communities.

Every cast member was remarkable, compelling and committed to exploring a gamut of emotions from happiness and togetherness to isolation and sadness.

This poignant work shares a strong message with its audience whilst still celebrating Australian youth humor. The SLIDE mentors and performers Brandan Hardie, Arthur Lariosa and Lauren Yerkovich share their magnificent artistry on stage and Darwin audiences will be amazed by the exquisite talent of the entire cast. Noonan’s clever and dynamic basketball inspired choreography is entertaining, athletic and truly illustrates the high technical proficiency of the cast. She then captures the power and relevance of Ricochet in her heartfelt lyrical choreographic sections.”








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