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We would like to acknowledge and show appreciation for individuals and organisations who have continuously shown support for SLIDE Youth Dance. We thrive on meaningful relationships where are values are shared.

To discuss how you can support SLIDE Youth Dance please contact us.


United Scaffolding Services; a well-built collaboration…..

United Scaffolding Services Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated business supporting the Construction, Development, Maintenance & Upgrade of various sectors in Darwin, Regional NT, WA & QLD.
Both clients and works carried out are spread across a variety of areas which include, Commercial, Industrial, Essential Services Infrastructure, Retail, Maintenance, Promotional/ Festivals & Consumer industry groups.
The United Scaffolding Services’ dedicated team of Qualified Scaffolders & Labourers look forward to the challenges of creating and providing safe working solutions to all projects.

Check them out for any of your building needs -

Nick Poniris and his committed team have been integral to the set construction design for SLIDE works, allowing us to successfully produce large scale projects for Darwin audiences. Thank you for your time and commitment.

SRA Information Technology

SRA Information Technology are a proud long term sponsor of SLIDE.......

SLIDE with the help of Sarah Calver SLIDE creative and community consultant and partner as the DHS Senior Dance Educator, has developed its’ closest business partnership relationship with SRA Information Technology driven by Steve Rowe. SRA recognises the important work that SLIDE does for our community, especially through our Awareness Trilogy (TIME - Teenage Risk Taking on our NT Roads, BRAVE – Bullying, SECRETS – Substance abuse), but also through our quirky products such as RUST, SIGN, Rhubarb and Someone Else’s Story.

Steven Rowe at SRA Information Technology has a varied and astute record of supporting arts and investing in locals, seeing huge benefits in supporting projects and ideas that also link into education. SRA is an avid supporter of the arts and of community through their community sponsorship, including: Hockey, both national and local levels, the Darwin Symphony Orchestra alongside SLIDE Youth Dance Theatre.

SRA prides itself on working with locals and investing in the development of the local arts industry through the many community projects they support. SRA’s partnership with SLIDE over the past 9 years has been pivotal in SLIDE developing several significant and thought provoking high quality youth dance performances: BRAVE, TIME, SECRETS, EXISTENCE and Someone Else’s Story, which have all been nominated for Australian Dance Awards.

Thank you to Steve, Camille and SRA.


Another long term supporter and advocate of SLIDE is should give them a go……..

Generating good ideas – be they big or small – is the secret to a successful creative team. The team at Eprint is dynamic, and just brimming with good ideas and technical skills.

There is Stan, the owner, who hails from Yorkshire, having studied graphic design at that hotbed of creative thinking, Leeds Metropolitan University. Simone, the Office Manager, studied design at CDU and holds a Batchelor of Media Arts and Business from Flinders University; Jessie, the junior designer, possesses the rarest of qualities – a terrific work ethic and a desire to learn all about design and printing.

Academic qualifications aside, what makes the team at Eprint unique is their extra-curricular abilities: Stan rides very fast motorbikes, drinks boutique beer, creates fermented vegetable dishes and has a close relationship with red heeler dogs. Simone creates sculptures from the skeletons of small animals and likes to preserve insects in resin. Jessie plays rugby, hunts pigs and catches barramundi on her days off.

So, between them, the Eprint team knows how to turn inspiration into ideas, visions into reality and keep an eye on the end goal. Their skills complement each other. After all, Stan knows the meaning of speed, Simone is totally organised and Jessie just goes hard!

Thanks Eprint we can’t do anything without you.

Dance World Darwin

Dance World Darwin, makes a world of difference……

Long term proud Territorian and effervescent owner, Tina McCourt opened the doors of her fabulous store, Dance World Darwin, to fulfil a growing need for dance, performance and activewear for locals in Darwin. With an open heart, welcoming smile and bundles of energy, both Tina and her team ensure our dancers, performers, entertainers, gymnasts, calisthenics, fitness fanatics, dress up fanatics, movers and shakers are looked after and are class-exam-dress up-show-ready.

Thank you, goddess Tina!

Cavenagh Theatre Trust

Cavenagh Theatre Trust, a steadfast arts legacy…..

Established in 1950 under the name Darwin Amateur Musical Comedy Society, with the name change occurring in the early 70’s forming what was known as Cavenagh Theatre Company. This organisation was the backbone and initial amateur theatre company in Darwin, producing local theatre productions for our community. For over 70 years the company shaped the arts scene, growing opportunities for artists and local production crew. By 2007 the company folded but continued in a Theatre Trust capacity acknowledging the need to support and encourage artists and non-funded groups to continue creating artistic works for Darwin audiences.

SLIDE Youth Dance Theatre would like to thank Cavenagh Theatre Trust, for their valuable support of Beam Me Up, Kate and the merit they place on the work that Joanna Noonan has been doing in the Territory.

Darwin Entertainment Centre 

Darwin Entertainment Centre is the Northern Territory’s premier live entertainment venue, showcasing the best of Territory, Australian and International performing arts for more than 30 years. Darwin Entertainment Centre is home to The Playhouse Theatre, Studio Theatre and The Gallery where you find an array of music, theatre, dance, comedy, cabaret and visual arts. SLIDE Youth Dance Theatre has been fortunate enough to be the resident company at Darwin Entertainment Centre, since 2018. We would like to thank the Darwin Entertainment Centre, without their tools, SLIDE would not be able to put on the high calibre shows they do today.

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