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HEARTBREAK left behind by gun-wielding maniacs in American schools is one of the many complex issues young Darwin dancers will explore this weekend.

Love Song in Three Parts was created by SLIDE Youth Dance Company artistic director Joanna Noonan in partnership with Darwin High School’s dance department.

Teacher Sarah Calver said the program featured three short works, each of which explored a unique perspective of life and love. The cast includes 55 dancers, aged 12-26.

“It’s quite a diverse program,” she said. “The talents of the entire cast will challenge stereotypical views on what youth dance can be.”

Darwin High School’s Coen Caricchioli, 17, plays star-crossed lover Lucio Rivera in political play Luv the Opera.

“My character is a bit divided between two sides — in love with someone on the opposite side,” he said. Coen enjoyed the complexity of the performance, and the message it gave audiences.

“If you believe in something, speak out about it,” he said. “Have the bravery to be true to yourself.” 


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