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2013. 2016. 2018, 2021


“I wasn’t afraid. I was invincible” Jake

Crystal meth, or ICE, is the drug that's ravaging the NT and destroying lives. SECRETS - like all of SLIDE’s work is heartfelt and real – the production paints a disturbing picture of how a young boys’ life takes a downward spiral when he becomes hooked on ICE. An original dance theatre work, SECRETS is based on Jake’s story of friendship, love and life which, over time, became splintered, scarred and devastated by his addiction to ICE. Crystal meth, or ICE, is the drug that’s ravaging our towns and destroying lives.

SLIDE’S work is renowned for effectively communicating critical messages to young audiences, triggering community and school discussions. The clever storytelling through the integration of dance, drama, music, film and set connects with the youth of today as audience members. SECRETS is our youth performers’ voice - to connect with their peers about the epidemic proportions ICE and drug use has become in our community.

SECRETS is the most powerful tool we have to save at least one life from the devastation of ICE addiction – it is a strong, honest and confronting work that doesn’t preach nor scold, instead it allows our youth audiences to experience the domino effect from the moment a young person begins to experiment with drugs. A family, friendship group and community will never recover because of one irreversible moment.

ICE is Australia’s most insidious epidemic. It is so readily accessible, it doesn’t discriminate because of financial status, it is easily sourced and easily distributed, and it is killing our young people and destroying families. It has such an exhilarating effect on the body that the very first time you try it you are addicted. SLIDE’s unique formula connects with youth in a much more dynamic way than any conventional lecture from adults will achieve. SECRETS is a step closer to beginning new conversations about drug experimentation within the youth community and the Darwin, regional Darwin and extended NT communities. SECRETS address ICE as an issue identified by our youth performers as a huge weight on their minds.

The SECRETS process has professional support to ensure the authenticity, correct medical and mental health information and emotional support for the performers and their audiences is in place throughout the process and presentation of the work. SLIDE have been working since 2016 with Banyan House, to develop the content and how it can best impact the community in the most proactive ways. Our connection to medical insights with professionals who generously gives their time to discuss the physical and mental abuse inside the bodies and minds of ICE addicts. In conjunction with conversations with the staff who care for the addicts, we further connect our performers directly to the many people impacted in a drug addict’s journey. In this way SLIDE maintains important relationships with medical professionals who continue to support our work and we reciprocate with dissemination via our storytelling. 

SECRETS is presented in collaboration with our creative partners SRA, Darwin Entertainment Centre, Minister Lauren Moss under ArtsNT and the Alcohol and Other Drugs Directorate, Department of Health. It is supported in principle by Education Minister Eva Lawler.

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