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The 2022 program begins with "Falling". 

Featuring five students that are all falling in different, emotional ways. Whether they are falling apart, falling in or out of love, or when a 7.5 level earthquake interrupts an exam, they are each thrust into a bizarre and chaotic situation.

The production takes inspiration from Benjamin Hoff’s book, The Tao of Pooh, an allegorical tale enlightening readers on the Eastern belief system of Taoism through the lens of A.A Milne’s beloved Winnie the Pooh characters. In today’s social, economic and political climates, the belief system’s central philosophy of finding contentment, happiness and a sense of calm is a worthy tool.

SLIDE was honored to welcome long-term mentoring artists, Arthur Lariosa and Jordan Bretherton, and introduce Darwin audiences to interstate mentors Lj Loci Walmsley and Madeline Turnbull. 

Falling is an engaging and fast-paced adventure brought to life on the big stage by dynamic, innovative set design and interactive projections. 

- Off The Leash - Kate Conway 









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