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Someone Else's Story

This is where the story begins. In Carriage One. On the Amber Line. On Tuesday morning. At 7am.And this is what happens when a flock of beautiful misfits spend a morning together…. A hilarious performance that is multi layered with clever storytelling and colourful characters....A contemporary dance work that makes you smile (a lot!).

"Jump aboard a train on the Amber Line and be a fly on the wall of the latest work from our Artists in Residence company SLIDE Youth Dance Theatre. Meet brooding musician Aaron, international spy Scarlett, Evan The Good Looking Guy, oddball Jodie, Crystal (who’s just trying to keep it together on her way to work) and Natasha of the Land of the Perfect Sundress – just some of the more than 40 colourful characters that make up the dance theatre work Someone Else’s Story. This group of misfits start their day on a train, but who knows where they’ll end up when there’s a body to dispose of and many opposing ideas about how best to do it. Created with and featuring mentors Jack Tuckerman (WAAPA), Brandon Hardie (WAAPA), Millie Hunt (WAAPA), Alex Abbott (Catapult), Rochelle Cabry and Kira Witte (SLIDE), this is a comedic take on the moral fabric of society. A reworking of the show seen in 2019, Someone Else’s Story is a hilarious performance featuring clever storytelling, powerful movement, poignant character portrayals and essence of mandarin."

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