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The Rise and Fall of The Bargainmart King 



It’s Kelly’s first day on the job at the Bargainmart Supermarket, and she soon finds factionalism, aggression and undercurrents of violence lurking in the aisles. She joins forces with dissatisfied checkout chick Cornelia in an effort to improve working life for the staff. But Cornelia has blackmail in mind, and locks Management in the cool room. There’s a party for all - until the anti-shoplifting system is activated and the entire staff and all the customers find they are locked in too. A new leader emerges with an outrageous plan to build a new society. Kelly pleads for reason, but the new king’s regime is even harsher than Management’s. Everyone must take sides and Kelly finds that she must either lead the dissenters and fight - or die. Nominated for an AWGIE in 2005 in Community and Youth Theatre category.  









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