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2012. 2013. 2014. 2019

BRAVE is a story about Willow, a young girl who, as a result of cyberbullying and bullying in the school yard and beyond becomes increasingly isolated and targeted. BRAVE asks a lot of the youth audience as they assume the role of silent bystander through a clever narrative. What is most important about this work is that it acknowledges that as friends, families and communities we must unite to protect our precious young people as they navigate the huge challenges they face at this pivotal stage in the journey of life. Willow has moments where she questions whether she wants to be here. Willow’s family fight for her. BRAVE is hard to watch and BRAVE is real.










BRAVE is presented in collaboration with our creative partners SRA, Darwin Entertainment Centre, Eprint, RMP Chartered Accountants, United Scaffolding Services and Minister Lauren Moss under ArtsNT. In 2019 was its 4th remount and to date 6,000 young NT audience members have viewed the production. The PG 13+ rating has been determined via our creative partners, audience feedback and the youth performers personal investment and experience due to the use of adult language and exploration of strong themes.

BRAVE is our youth performers’ voice to speak for their peers, reminding them of their choices. The most important people in the world are our children. We need to show them that we will protect them, and through the magic of theatre and passion, our productions and support initiatives can give these young artists a voice to look after their own.

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